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    • Thanks, I’ve been working on an upgrade, but circumstances have conspired against my time, so its been delayed. Muting is one of the request I’ll be adding.

  1. Hey guys, this little gem is something I use very often, I moved to Yosemite Public Beta and it seems to not work anymore. It doesn’t detects newly plugged hardware and the list isn’t updated. Do you plan to investigate Yosemite issues anytime soon?

    Again, thanks for the great little app!

  2. Hi, when I plug my mac to my tv, the app will automatically change the sound to the HDMI output and this works perfectly. The only thing missing here is the ability to change the volume which I know its apple “fault”, do you think you cold add an option to control the HDMI volume or control the TV volume some how. This tv supports control over HDMI devices, so if you could implement this in to the app that would be great. I’m on yosemite beta just so you know. and thanks for the support.

  3. I bought this to try to overcome Apple TV via AirPlay not being selected or even detected since Yosemite upgrade. Although I ticked ‘start at login’ option in settings it does not show in the toolbar, nor activate AirPlay. Am I expecting too much of this utility?

    • There is an AirPlay related that will be addresses with the next release, which will be out as soon as Apple approves it. Hopefully, by the end of the week. As far as Audio Switcher not starting up as expected, I’m unaware of that as an issue, and will look into it. If checking the checkbox does not add the app to your login items, you can don that manually. Go into System Preferences->Users and Groups, select the account you’re using and click the Login Items tab. You can now drag Audio Switcher into the Login Items window, and it should launch automatically when you login.

  4. I bought AudioSwitcher 2.0 today; but I’m afraid that it was a complete waste of money.
    While the app icon appears in the menu bar, the app itself refuses to open. The icon remains highlighted, but nothing happens. And the only way to kill it is through the Activity Monitor. Please fix or refund.
    In the meantime, I’m going back to version 1.5.1, which works perfectly.

    • First, I want to apologize for the problems you are seeing. There is new release still in review at the Mac App store that addresses some known issues. In the meantime, I’d like to know which version of the OS you’re using.

        • Unfortunately, Apple does not allow trial software in the Mac App Store. There is another version of Audio Switcher that addresses the bug in the current version. Its still pending review. I hope it will be released by the end of the week.

  5. Updated via App Store to 2.0.3 and could not get the program started. Read the info on but i dont have the file stated in the info. The program was running in Activity Monitor but no icon. Force closed it and restarted it the app, then i could see the program. Realy weird.

      • Bought the version 2.0 from App Store and been using it until i updated.
        Before that i had been using the one from Macupdate but seems to work after i had to force close it.

      • Same problem for me!
        I bought the AudioSwitcher 2.0.3 via AppleStore, followed the info on before. No way to see the program in the menu bar unless I forced quit via Activity Monitor. Then it opened normally.
        I used Audio Switcher 1.5.1 before with no problem.System : Yosemite 10.10.1

        • Sorry for the trouble, but as others have reported, the initial use of the app may be problematic. I’ve isolated it down to a conflict between the old preferences and the new. But, if you have 2.0.3, it _should_ verify the preferences before launching to prevent that problem. In any case, I’ll continue to look into the issue to see if there may something else going on.
          Thanks for using Audio Switcher.

  6. It’s incredibly frustrating that I can no longer use the keyboard keys to do a general audio volume control.

    how do i install audio switcher? just deleting it still leaves my volume control disabled.

      • I found that if my output device is a TV via HDMI, I can’t use the Mac controls to change the volume, only the TV controls. This isn’t an AudioSwitcher thing, it’s a Mac OS X thing.

    • Audio Switcher doesn’t interfere with the volume controls. It will set them to pre-defined levels on startup or upon switching, but other than that, it will not impede your use of the system volume control. Check the Sound System preferences pane and make sure your volume is not muted.

  7. Spike,

    You probably don’t remember me, but I’m the guy who complained to you, when you changed the Menu Bar icon of Audio Switcher v1.x from what I thought was a genuinely-cool icon – I was never able to figure out what it was; what was that thing, BTW? – to a stale icon of a set of generic headphones.

    As you no doubt have already guessed, once again, I now have a problem your current decision to change the Menu Bar icon of Audio Switcher v2.x.

    Would you be willing to provide me with a copy each of the old version of Audio Switch I and of Audio Switcher II? If not, then that’s the breaks. 🙁

    In any case: five stars from an otherwise fully-sastified customer. .

    BTW, Audio Switcher appears in my Apps folder as “AudioSwitcher”. Another Author is also using that name: “AudioSwitcher Copyright © 2013-2014 Paul O’Neill. All rights reserved.”

    • Yes, I do remember the comment. I thought the original icon had gotten a little old, so I decided it was time for a change. Stay tuned, I’ll provide you with a link where you download the old version. You should also delete the preferences file once you get it. The old one won’t play nice with the new prefs. And yes, I do know that someone has ‘appropriated’ the name I’ve been using since 2007. And also, thanks, I appreciate the complement.

      • Further BTW: Since I haven’t been able to change the true AudioSwitcher to “Audio Switcher,” I’ve changed the false AudioSwitcher to “AudioWsitcher.”

        Why do I have them both? At first I thought that false AS was an update to true AS. Then, I just kept it. No reason. I’m just weird like that, a collector / a hoarder of apps. What can I tell you? 🙂

        Thanks for the link!

    • Audio Switcher does not add new features to the system, it only makes those already existing features more accessible. I do not believe that the OS allows for simultaneous output of these two signals, but if it does, Audio Switcher can work with that.

      • Thanks Lorenzot. I’ll keep looking….there must be something out there. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

      • If I have two (or more) Bluetooth speakers paired to my MacBook or iMac, will Audio Switcher allow me to stream the same audio to both (or more) speakers?

        • I am sorry, but the ability to stream to multiple AirPlay devices was removed from the OS by Apple. Not sure why, but hopefully, they will restore that feature.

  8. Hi I’ve downloaded AS from the mac store to use on a Mac using OS 10.10.1

    It doesn’t even open!

    I double click on the icon in applications – and nothing happens.

    can you help?



    • Use Activity Monitor, which you can find in your Utilities folder, to Force Quit the app, then try to launch it again. And my apologies for the problem. I’ve been getting reports of this happening and it seems to be related to the conflicting preferences.

  9. Hello,

    unfortunate I don’t get any reply from you over email. I installed the SW over the AppStore. It didn’t worked. So I did how you described:

    1) Open the Terminal app and type:
    defaults delete net.spikesoft.AudioSwitcher
    2) Then type
    open ~/Library/Preferences
    In the folder that opens, find AudioSwitcher’s preferences file, net.spikesoft.AudioSwitcher and move the file to the trash.
    3) Quit and re-launch AudioSwitcher

    It worked but my external DAC is not playing and sound. Volume is up. It is not the DAC because it works fine at another computer. Please help me to get back my sound on my external DAC. Something messed up …
    Thank you,


  10. Lorenzo, I am looking for an app for my iMacs and macbook pros that allows me to leave my headphones plugged into my computers but direct the audio output out of the internal speakers and back to the headphone jack output when i want, does your software achieve this?
    thank you

    • Yes, thats exactly What Audio Switcher is for. Give it a try, if if doesn’t work out for you, Apple will give you a refund.

  11. I just got your Auto switcher 2.5 and love it, except of one thing. I have multiple HDMI outputs (TV and Monitor) it identifies them both as simply HDMI (one is an ASUS and The other is a Samsung). In the sound preference panel they are named for their brand. Anyway to fix this?

      • Hi lorenzot,
        zIm currently running Audio Switcher 2.5.3. Love the program, but stilll have the same problem with it. I have multiple HDMI outputs (TV and Monitor) it identifies them both as simply HDMI (one is an ASUS and The other is a Samsung). In the sound preference panel they are named for their brand. Is there a way to edit labels in the pull-down from the menu bar? Just numbering the HDMI outputs would be terrific. Thanks

        • Then I must have mis-understood the issue. If you’ve checked the the preference: General->’Manufacturer name as menu subtitle’, you should have a menu that looks the first one above. Are you saying that you’re not seeing that, or is the issue something else altogether?

  12. Here is what would make Audio Switcher indispensable. Many of the Thunderbolt/Firewire/USB audio devices (I use MOTU 828 MkII and MOTU V4HD) have an application that serves as a mixing console of the devices inputs to its outputs. However, the analog-to-digital streams coming into the computer via Firewire (etc.) are summed together by the native Mac audio system. It takes special software (say MOTU Digital Performer) to separate out the input streams. If Audio Switcher were to understand the digital input/output streams and allow mute/solo/volume-level control of the individual streams — WOW! You need to be able to mix various inputs to buses and assign the busses to various outputs (including the Mac itself). Simple example where this is useful. Suppose I’m on a Webex meeting using VIOP and I have a microphone and amplifier attached to my mixing device (V4HD in my case). Also have a satellite receiver connected. I want to direct the microphone to Webex (a computer internal routing) but not the satellite audio. However, I want to direct the microphone and the satellite to the amplifier (one of the digital device’s outputs or control room if you like) which I’m using with headphones. I can participate in my meeting, get microphone feedback in my ears as well (its hard to talk when you can’t hear yourself) and be running the satellite volume up and down which I can hear but the Webex can’t. Make sense?

    I thought core audio was supposed to be able to do such but the normal control panel won’t allow me to change volumes or routing of the digital I/O. Maybe it is a flaw with MOTU’s driver and nothing can be done. I’m not smart enough to know. Food for thought.

    • I would love to do something like this, but I don’t have the hardware to test with. If you’d be willing to help beta test, I’d be more than willing to implement this.

  13. Hi,
    can I use your app to overcome the Airplay “feature” or “bug” that it automatically switches the audio output to any running airplay-enabled device although I don’t want my Macbook Pro to do that all the time?
    Thanks for your help

    • If I understand your question, then the answer is yes. You’ll have to go into the app’s preferences and setup whichever device you want to be your default device and set the app to launch at login. With these two items set, your Mac should startup with your default device selected. If it doesn’t work for you, you can get a refund from the App Store.

  14. Hi,
    I was wondering if your app would allow me to control the volume when using the optical output?
    Apple has this function disabled so the master volume control is set at 100% when going the digital route. I haven’t managed to find an app yet that would do that to be honest.

    I hope you have some good news for me…

    • I’m sorry, but yes. Continued development, feature enhancements, etc. take a fair amount of time, so i device to charge for the app. $5 bucks is not an outrageous amount of money though.

  15. I don´t see the point for this App, You can do the same just by holding the ALT key and clicking in the Speaker Icon on the menu bar of any Mac OS X.

    ALT+Click on the speaker or volume icon on the Menu Bar

    • Audio Switcher also switches to a predefined device, when a device is added, or on login. Sets volume/gain when switching devices and excludes devices, if you don’t care to have them displayed. Other than that, you are correct.

  16. Hi – I just bought & installed Audio Switcher, running on my Macbook Air laptop, which has OS X 10.8.5 installed.

    Audio Switcher has started up ok and is running in my menu bar.

    However – If I have headphones plugged in to the headphone jack, and music starts playing through the headphones – the only option when I click on the Audio Switcher icon under output is “Built-in Output” – seems there’s no way to change to internal speaker. But I was hoping AS would allow me to choose to direct music through either the internal speakers or headphones while I have headphones plugged in.

    Is this feature supposed to be included in AS? If not I think I’ll ask for a refund on the App store, as it’s the main reason I bought AS.

  17. Hello Lorenzo,

    I just bought your Audio Switcher, but it doesn’t playing well with Total Video Player and my airplay (music). Are you familiar with problems in this combination?
    And if you are, can you help me solving this problem? Thanks in advance.

    With best regards,

    Sipke Wagenaar

  18. Yes, I can, thanks for the quick reply.
    I do use since a short time your Total Video Player for listening – and
    see – some music. Most of the time on my Mac, but sometimes
    on the TV screen with an Apple TV.
    I also use the Apple AirPort Express for the music playing at the
    loudspeaker and the video on one of my screens. And the quality of the
    sound is horrible.
    Do you know where I have to look for a solution? I also bought Audio
    Switcher and hoped that would help me, but unfortunately not.

    I tried to reply your email, but that is not possible. A pity, because I had add a little sound file as an example.


    Wit best regards,


  19. Would it be possible to have a keyboard shortcut option for Audio Switcher? It would be great to change the output without taking my hands from my keyboard. Thanks!

  20. Hi Lorenzo, can you please tell me what to do after having installed the programm on an iMac using Yosemity? I can see the program in my program’s folder but when clicking on it, nothing happens, or seems to happen. Regards, Wim

    • Hi, Audio Switcher should appear in the menu bar after it launches. If you’re not seeing it there, disconnect any audio devices you have connected. Restart your Mac and then launch Audio Switcher. If it appears in your menu bar, reconnect your audio devices and click the Audio Switcher icon in the menu and verify if your devices appear. Otherwise, let me know and I will look into it.

      Sorry for the trouble and thank you for using Audio Switcher.

  21. lorenzo, is there a way to keep the app incognito and hide the icon (or change its appearance)? i really want to have one speaker icon up top, think it looks slick B^)

  22. WHOA! What’s up with Audio Switcher 2.24.932?
    As I recall I had this same issue more than a year ago when I tried it, so I didn’t buy it.

    Started out fine – only a few items listed for the items that actually exist. Now, a week or two later, I click the menu icon and a loooooooong list of items opens – so many they can’t all be seen (and there are no scroll bars).

    Screenshot here (since this page doesn’t allow attachments):

    I was concerned that AS wouldn’t correctly switch between my laptop speakers and headphones (the only reason I’d need this), but it did fine…until the inputs and outputs reproduced like rabbits.

    • Sorry, I just discovered there are two different Audio Switcher apps from different developers, and I need to contact the other one about this issue.

  23. Hi,

    I was thinking that i could use audioswitcher to automatically select output device as soon as i connect it. I have a keyboard/mouse less mac mini connected to my homecinema with HDMI AND connected to my pure hifi system with USB (to my audiophile DAC).
    I just want to use HDMI output device unless i power-on my hifi system, in this case, i hope that audioswitcher switch to USB output. And return to HDMI when i power off my hifi system.
    I don’t manage to do this, do you have an idea ?
    Thanks in advance…

  24. hello – i bought Audio Switcher so that when I’m editing video, I can leave my headphones plugged in but switch between headphone output and internal speaker output on my iMac. This would save me hunting for the socket on the back of my mac, and also save wear. It doesn’t seem to do this – am i right?

      • If I understand the issue, it _should_ do that, sort of. If you set one device as the default device, then, whenever you connect that device, Audio Switcher will switch to it. Unfortunately, when you disconnect that device, Audio Switcher will revert to the built-in device.

  25. Hi lorenzot,

    I have a late 2013 iMac and am wanting the feature that will allow you to play audio through speakers while your headphones are plugged in. I see in one of your comments you say you are looking to have that feature completed within the month. When you get that working can you inform me and I can spread the word? I know of a lot of developers around me that are looking for that feature, so it could turn into a few extra app purchases excluding mine.

    Thank you for doing this, we are all very excited!

    • Just to let you know, an update will be released next week. It does not include the feature you asked about. I was delayed on this release due to compatibility issues. The next update, released after the new year will have it.

  26. Audio Switcher will not open on my late 2014 MacMini running El Capitan ( 10.11.1) nor can I preform the workaround:

    El Capitan (10.11) issue and AirPlay devices
    There is an issue with 10.11 and AirPlay devices, where on launch, Audio Switcher will not enumerate available AirPlay devices. This is a bug in MacOS 10.11. Hopefully, Apple will address this soon, but in the meantime, there is a workaround:

    Quit Audio Switcher
    Open the Sound System Preference
    Click the ‘Output’ tab. Available AirPlay devices should be listed
    Close the System Preferences and launch Audio Switcher

    Since it won’t open, I can’t close it for the workaround.


    Stephen Powell
    Central, South Carolina

    • There is an update to be released soon that should address the launching issue. Unfortunately, it won’t address the AirPlay issue.

    • The latest update will switch between the two when the headset is connected/disconnected. But, they can’t be used at the same time.

  27. First of all, great, app, thanks! re: device labels in audio switcher, I have two “Line out” one is my external speakers( Audio line out) and the other is a Bose headset (headphone port), they appear correct labeled in the sound preference pane,(Line Out and Headphones) but not in the audio switcher menu

    • Are they labeled as “Line Out” instead of using the manufacturer name? Sorry, but I have to ask: did you check the ‘Manufacturer name as menu subtitle’ checkbox in the General tab of the preferences?

      • They both get labeled “line out” regardless of the setting “Manufacturer name as menu subtitle” (off or on) when the setting is on they simply both have “Apple Inc.” as a menu sub-title. Does that help?
        Should I send screenshots to the support email?

        • Ah, I misunderstood. I thought the subtitle in the menu was incorrect, but it seems the menu title is wrong. Let me look into this one.

  28. during my keynote presentation i have slides that emit audio to main speakers.
    interspersed i have slides that emit sound to a rear bluetooth speaker (different output).
    i would like to simply use some assigned keyboard shortcuts to handle which speaker
    gets which sound. Since keynote uses my entire screen (when presenting) i can’t
    option click the mac’s speaker icon. I hope using AS that I can do this during my
    presentation. Is it possible?
    PS ElCapitan

  29. Would it be possible for AudioSwitcher to refresh the device liste every time you click it so devices that have been added or removed are removed or added?

    • The menu should update automatically as devices are added/removed from the system. AirPlay devices may not update as quickly, but if the menu is nit updating, there is definitely a bug.

  30. Hi, I want to buy this app, but need to make sure it’ll do a certain feature.

    so i want to airplay from my 2015 macbook pro to an apple tv 4, but i want to set the audio output to the macbook. so that i can have video on my tv, but the audio (from the video) on my macbook.

    So far i have not heard that this is even possible anywhere, so can you please tell me if your app could do it?

  31. Hey there! Just got Audio Switcher not too long ago (about a week or so ago?) and for the past couple days, it hasnt been wanting to open on start up. I always double check the taskbar after about 5 minutes to let everything load (only about 3-4 programs) but it doesnt start up. Also checked the settings and i have both “Start when windows starts” and “Start minimized” ticked yet no luck. I am running a non-activated version of Windows 10 so im not sure if that causes an issue as i cant edit the start programs without activation. Not sure if i have to have an activated OS?

    • I think you may the wrong site. My app only runs on Macs and is only available via Apple’s App Store. I believe there is a Windows app with the same name, but is not produced by me.

  32. Hi there,

    You mentioned that the feature that allows the use of the mac’s internal speakers while an earphone is plugged in was going to be included after the new year. Is this available? I’ll seek a refund from apple if it isn’t since this is the primary reason I would want to purchase this app. Thanks!

    • You should probably just get a refund. I’ve not been about to get out an update and am not sure at this point. I’ll notify you when I get the the next update out.

      • lorenzot, I too would like to know when the next update is out that allows the internal speakers to stay on when another sound device is plugged in (such as the devices included in docks). I want it to stay on the internal speakers always. Thanks.

  33. Does this application support audio digital output? For example, I would like to have always connected the toslink – digital output cable for 5.1 speakers BUT be able to switch to internal speakers WITHOUT unplug every time the cable. Is it possible?

  34. This app is fantastic ! Apple should buy your app for OS X ! I plug on my mac : 2 Aura system in bluetooth+1 Harmann Kardon soundstick system+subwoofer+internal speaker !!!!!!!!!! This is totally crazy. If you need a 5.1 system this is the final solution. You are a genius.

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