About Cocoa Butter

I’ve been developing Cocoa apps for a number of years now and have a few free apps available for folks to download. Before that, I played around with Classic Macintosh development. I’ve always found the Mac to be an interesting development platform, but as with any technology, as you develop, you run into situations where your goals don’t fit neatly into any known design paradigms. We all have a vision for our apps and in trying to bring that vision to life, we sometimes find we need to do things where there are no easy answers. I’ve created this blog, so Cocoa developers can maybe help find some guidance on how they might achieve their goals. I’ll present some of the unique problems I’ve run into and the solutions I’ve found. In some cases, my solutions may be the best way to accomplish the task, maybe not, but maybe with the discussion this blog offers, we can find the answers we need. I hope you find it useful.